dimanche 5 janvier 2014

Let's levitate


if you follow this blog, you must know that Mathurin has developed an interest for photography.
Since he's in 6th grade he has ben taking photo lessons with class-mates.

Recently, we started levitation photography. We saw photos of a young Japanese artist and almost right after that we were at it...

We started - with no tricks - "indoor":

then also outside:

The concept is quite simple : we levitate ! And we shoot...
No, seriously ... we have to "pose" in the air for the photo so we have to synchronise the moment we are in the air and the shutter.

Here we can start with the 1st lesson Mathurin had.
There are three parameters : sensibility to light (ISO - ASA), opening for the light (Aperture) and shutter speed.
Combining these three elements will "make your photo" - or not ...
Will the picture be over/under exposed ? Will the moving objects be in focus or blurry (It's ok to do blurry if you want to show movement for example) ? Will the image be crisp or grainy ?

In this case we want to freeze our movement so we apply the indications of the young artist: shutter speed under 1/500th -> this will be a constraint.
So once we've fixed the shutter speed we still have to adjust Aperture and ISO. Let's say that with decent daylight we can work around it. At worst, we will use a strobe (flash) if we're indoor.

But here's the thing. There's more than "meet the shutter" in photography. First there will be composition - will the eye of the viewer (you) be guided when watching the photo ?
If I understand well, we have to simplify and adopt the "bias" of the eye. For example you can put the objects you want the viewer to see first on the one third/ two third lines. Putting objects on these lines will also give an impression of movement etc ...

I was just a model in the shoot session but Tim, Mathurin's photo teacher suggested that he (Mathurin) could shoot the next picture from behind.
I realise that for this 2D art form, Tim was thinking in 3D. He saw that the young levitating artist was placing herself in a 3D diorama and then he used his 3D vision to plan the photos - thus seeking how he could simplify the photo.

For this photo I think that's as far as it goes because our diorama is quite basic and has a meaning only for us. This building hallway entrance is familiar to us but will it speak to you ? Probably not, unless we had the pleasure of your visit.

But let's get back to our photos. The next one talks to me because I live in Japan.
After New Year's day, we see traditional floral arrangements of pine and bamboo which symbolize longevity and health. We call them "kado-matsu".

On the photo below, Mathurin asks me to levitate between the two kado-matsu which were at the entrance of a shopping center. Once you get the background on the kado-matsu, you understand that this shopping place does not hold any significance in this picture.
The photo is indicating that I am gently levitating towards the new year and that I am sending you my best wishes of longevity and health !
This is the composition choice of Mathurin with his indications "just fly between here and here" and the indications of Tim. We made only 7 shots, which is not a lot.
So I was only the model however as I saw the photo, I took what it meant to me.

To mean something to you, a photo must touch you - as a human being - your children, your emotions, your symbolism etc ...
The young artist whose photos had "talked" to us is levitating to escape gravity, society's constraints ... an expression of gentleness and freedom.

I was half-surprised when I saw a recent composition of hers where she is staging herself in a textile confection factory. She "escapes" from that reality with her levitation.
Very simple - beautiful.

Thanks for reading and have a enjoy levitation.

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