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Natural treatment for blepharitis

(translation by Takaya)
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Blepharitis. This word was unknown to me until recently is actually a pretty widespread "evil" than simply names inflammation or infection of the eyelids.

The symptoms are : itchy eyes, red eyes and / or swollen small "crust" in the eyelashes, and sometimes eyes "sticky" after the night.
It's easy not t pay attention ... as I did.

I noticed for the first time I had the "dirty" eyes in the morning in February. I cleaned with water, but what I took to be the remains of the gold dust of the sandman [note from Takaya : my wife's a poet...] still stuck in my eyelashes, so there I go with the nail ... Somewhat stubborn, despite the finding that it came back in the day, I used to just wash (and scratch...) .
And then last week, pushed by the alarming tone of my mom when I told her for the first time ("You are crazy ! Eyes are precious ! Go show this to the ophtalmologist !"), I went to see the Doctor. You will notice how I am an obedient daughter.
The verdict is the famous blepharitis (well he did not say like that, he said in Japanese and well, I do not remember the word - It took me a week to remember the word in French) .

Where does it come from, this inflammation of the eyelids ?
It may be due to an allergy (cosmetics, and not necessarily the eyes, nail polish is often involved) , a microbe (staphylococcus among others), environmental factors (wind, dust, pollution, which was my case), or even to the intestinal inflammations. Itchy eyes, which are rubbed, good terrain for the inflammation, and if like me you rub when it's itchy, it opens the door to infection.

Conventional treatment : antibiotics
The ophthalmologist gave me antibiotics, drops and creams. I am very weak in front of doctors, I always take the prescription, saying thank you, because they give me the impression that it's not possible to discuss the treatment. They went through all those years studying, not me ...
I got home, I was perplexed. What to do...  Start with some research on the internet, and some personal thoughts : since it is a skin infection, I know how to treat it naturally. But "eyes are precious"... So I decided to put the drops, but not cream. Only burning that followed the drops made ​​me change my mind. It was unbearable, I would not get blind me just for the sake of treatment.
I decided to try with my natural anti-infection kit !
I gave myself the week - anyway he wanted to see me again after 8 days.

Day after day, it was clear that my eyelids were getting better... They deflated, they were no longer red, I saw no more crusts in eyelashes... But despite these positive changes, it was the first time I was treating this condition. So I was not too sure of myself.

The following week, so I'm back at the ophtalmologist. And he immediately said that the lid of the right eye was perfectly cured, and the left - most affected - was almost healed.
- You still have antibiotics ?
- Oh yes ! (yeah kind of... )
- Okay, so still keep a short week, and it's not worth coming back.
I therefore conclude that my natural treatment was effective, and I am very happy to have escaped once again to antibiotics.

My question remains : why take antibiotics when nature can heal and cure ?

So : how to treat Blepharitis naturally :
I used three products:

GSE ( grapefruit seed extract) :
This is THE most natural antibiotic and is broad spectrum. Active against more than 800 strains of viruses and bacteria, against more than 100 strains of fungi, you will not deceive you. It is most completely devoid of toxicity, and does not attack the intestinal flora. Choose organic, for non-organic contains... synthetic antibiotics !

Aloe vera :
This is a natural anti inflammatory easy to apply ! It is also a potent skin cell regeneration promoting healing.

Castor oil :
It is a cleansing oil through its ricinoleic acid which inhibits the growth of microbes. It is best known to treat eye irritation.

Dosage until no more symptoms :
- EPP 10 drops diluted in a little water, 3 times a day [to be taken orally]
- Application of aloe vera on eyelids several times a day
- Applying castor oil at night before sleep (put an old pillowcase on your pillow because that tasks).

And of course, maintain impeccable hygiene and hand towels before treating eyes.


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