dimanche 5 mai 2013

Harissa DIY

(by Takaya)

So what's up with that :
Besides that's it's very good and very tasty ?
Well... it's empty !!!

So I checked the ingredients and I thought maybe I could do it. So I tried :
Harissa - check
Extra Virgin olive oil - check
Dried tomatoes - check 

I tried to bring the ingredients together - to make it smell right.
I thought something was missing so I added some extra fresh garlic and fresh coriander - which are already present in the harissa.

Not quite there but I mixed and well it's ready to go.

So what's up with that ?
Hmmm missing aroma was probably not so much garlic but maybe more tasty dried tomatoes. Well these tend to have a marked difference between "sun grown" and "greenhouse grown". 
Should I be also making the harissa out of fresh ingredients ? 

I'm keeping the "control" original Harissa paste pot and I'll get there !!


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