lundi 13 mai 2013

How to start photography in our modern times

(par Takaya)


Mathurin "discovered" photography in class this year.
It was with the "MyJapan" project. The object was to expose - and fundraise - on how the children in his class saw Japan. This "MyJapan" project started as a way to counterbalance the cataclysmic media treatment Japan was having after the earthquake and tsunami of march 2011.
I must admit that I was very surprised by the structured way Mathurin (10 years old at that time) had ingested and explained what he had learned when he wrote his blog post.

The fundraising exhibition was very emotional.

The exhibits were superb and sometimes very original. The "pro" version is superb. You should check it.

Mathurin got really into this class photography activity. I think that having his photos in an exhibition and having people other than his natural fans (yours truly) were big motivations to keep on with photography.

Very kindly, the lady in charge of "MyJapan" offered to comment on Mathurin's pictures if he could send some to her by email from time to time. "Never-ask-him-twice-Mathurin" sent maybe 150 pictures by email. That was certainly too much in a single batch to expect a feedback.
About at the same time, Mathurin realized that Art Class, where he was going with his sister was not really what he was looking for. He would prefer photography lessons. So here we are, looking for a photography teacher... not easy...

Our good friend Lisa, who very often comes up with the best ideas found an online portfolio sharing platform. So we started posting "projects"
For the "root" of Mathurin's projects: check this link 
You will be directed to this page:

There are thumbnails which are "covers" for the portfolios.
For example, the portfolio on the theme of Lines is on this link.
To open the portfolio, just click on the bottom-left thumbnail.

You will be directed to this page:
 Of course if you like the portfolio, you can click on the "appreciate" blue button just under the last picture of the project.

So here we are. In the 21st century, Mathurin can have his portfolios on a global sharing platform.
The idea is that his work can be seen by people who are on this creative platform. Also Mathurin can check and follow other people's work.
We are looking for "feedback" at some point. The advantage is that we can see creative work from all over the world while at the same time, we can look at Tokyo specific activity/trends.

And the next time, somebody will be nice enough to propose to check his work, Mathurin can just give a link. He could say.
"Thanks, my pictures are on Behance, on this link : "

So simple. So "2013".
Thanks for reading !


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