dimanche 10 février 2013

"Green !" the wheat grass powder

Hi, after the Acide-Alkaline balance, I am translating this post on Wheat Grass Powder which is a great way to achieve this balance.
Enjoy and leave comments and questions !


Yes, “GREEN” (not “VERT” in french but “GREEN” in english) this is the very nice name Eugenie found for the wheat grass powder. Strange ... as she is a young tennis player. From a young golfer we'd get it... Anyway that's the “offical” adopted name in our house.

Wheat grass powder is wheat grain which has been sprouted then grown in very young grass then dehydrated at very low temperature then pulverized finely. I do a lot of stuff myself, but this one, I buy.

GREEN is a very complete food. Its proteins include 18 amino-acids of which the 8 essentials. It includes 92 minerals, many vitamins, quality enzymes 70% of chlorophyll. It is a very powerful detoxifying food and its alkalinizing power is also very strong. It is essential to support the immune system, so abused in the winter.

Why do we feel sleepy or heavy after a meal ? Because the food we had was low in Food Enzyme (translator's note : you have to keep in mind that there are Digestive Enzymes your body makes and Food Enzymes which comes/or not from the food).
Therefore our body will dig into its energy to digest. If from the start we give food rich in enzymes to the body, this external enzyme input will be put to work (or at least will supplement our own Digestive Enzymes) no dozing after meals !
Wheat grass powder is then useful to balance a diet low in enzymes because it is overcooked, too industrial, too polluted , too refined. Please note here that I am not advising an industrial, polluted and refined diet just because you could compensate with wheat grass powder !

The chlorophyll contained in this food is also a a little treasure for the natural support it provides to the body's vital resources. Its anti-oxidants fight against free-radicals (which oxidize and kill cells). Chlorophyll fights anemia better than iron and facilitates the absorption of calcium. It accelerates healing, it regulates blood flow and eliminates heavy metals.

More practical and easy to witness is the support on the immune system. A daily consumption helps you be in a great shape every day, no sudden fatigue/need to nap in the day, and have a better resistance to viruses. Of course you won't avoid everything... A sudden stress (translator's note : or travel + jet lag) can get through the strongest of immune systems but if you get sick, double your daily Green intake and you'll be just fine.

My advise for consumption are as follows:
  • a heaping teaspoon in a glass of water every morning
  • in case of a sudden cold or stress (which often affects the immune system) : one heaping teaspoon in a glass of water in the morning and another with your meal.  

And I guess you want to know how it tastes ??
Well, it's a Green taste, no denying that... Raw Green taste. So you'll tell me that you are not cows. Me neither and I don't have the digesting system set-up to handle cellulose from green plants. That's why the wheat grass is harvested very early before its cellulose becomes hard and indigestible for us humans.
No worries, it is perfectly drinkable. You can mix it in water or milk (vegetal milk here, we're neither cows or calves). If you try with fruit juice, please leave a comment, I guess it works but we haven't tried.

What about the children ?
Well Green does stimulate growth functions. As for the taste, at the beginning we had a contest of funny faces but they got used to it. They get their day started with a glass of Green now. If really you have taste issues, you can hide Green in smoothies or uncooked desserts. But I'm sure some explanations will have great effects. We can educate taste and there's such an upside that it's worth being explained.

One last thing.
By its highly alkaline power, wheat grass powder can be advised to those who work in front of a computer. As you may know (or may discover here) electromagnetic waves from computers, mobile or cordless phones, microwave ovens and other similar appliances damage cells in our body. These electromagnetic waves have an acidifying effect on our body. So as a preventive measure, we adopt an alkaline diet and/or we eat wheat grass powder every day.
Fatigue or headaches due to electromagnetic pollution will mitigate quickly.

To sum-up, Green is to :
  • strengthen the immune system
  • fight against infections and viruses
  • digest better
  • support the growth of children
  • detox (heavy metals, pesticides...)
  • alkalinize an acidified terrain
  • protect ourselves agains electromagnetic pollution

No try and let us know !


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Unknown a dit…

OMG! I was unaware of the facts you mentioned in your article. It is so helpful. I am highly thankful to you Sir.

Wheatgrass Powder

Unknown a dit…

Hi Michael,
thanks for your message, I still have a bunch of nutrition/health related articles of my wife to translate from french to english !
cheers, Takaya

Anonyme a dit…

Good article. I will be going through many of these issues as well.

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