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Kombucha no cha cha cha

Here's my translation on Caroline's post on Kombucha.
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We call it the Long life mushroom. But it's also the name of the fermented beverage it produces. It ressembles fruit Kefir but it is not Kefir.

Quick overview of this amazing but not very attractive mushroom - clearly not appetizing but oh so precious :
The kombucha is composed of a firm gelatinous mycoderma which looks like a flat disk. Bacteria and yeast coexist in symbiosis on this mycoderma. Here's for the "mushroom" (called so mainly because of its shape).

Let's go into more details on the beverage it produces.
It is an effervescent beverage produced by lacto-fermentation. The bacteria and yeast which make up the culture are only viable in an environment of tea (black or green) and sugar. They digest the sugar (the end product is therefore sugar-free) while producing at the same time other precious elements : glucuronic acid, vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B6, B12 as well as folic acid), amino acids and antibiotics etc ... The beverage produced by this mushroom is wonderful gift from nature which enables us to take charge of our health.

What's about this glucuronic acid ? I will not go too much into this barbaric name but just keep in mind that this substance will trap foreign toxins in the liver, which will enable them to be expelled through the gallbladder into the intestine, and via the kidneys in the urine. Toxins associated with glucuronic acid cannot be reabsorbed by the body (neat !). The glucuronic acid thus provides an extremely important detoxification function.

Our liver normally produces enough glucuronic acid to eliminate toxins. Well that was in the good old days when we ate what Mother Nature gave us. Today, with all these chemical products in our plate and too much industrial foods, our poor liver is way behind the curve.
Conclusion: kombucha, which contains glucuronic acid (which is impossible to produce synthetically), is a valuable detox-ally.

This natural detoxification, eliminating the disturbing elements of our body is fully beneficial to the functioning of our cells. This results into a higher immune response. We are better equipped against small viruses, but also rheumatism, arthritis, kidney stones (because uric acid is neutralized by the beverage) etc...

In this chapter I make a special mention about the support kombucha could have to fight cancer. Despite the studies on the subject *, I prefer to use conditional because I've tested the virtues of kombucha on minor winter ailments and seen the impact on everyday's vitality, I do not know anybody who has tested this drink in a cancer situation. My opinion - which is exactly just my opinion - is that it is so easy to Do It Yourself at home that it would be a shame to dismiss it especially if the studies on the subject are positive. In any case it has no side effects.
Kombucha is supposed to be an excellent support for treatment against cancer because it has a great influence on pathogens. These agents are the cause of decreased red blood cells as soon as the pH is unfavorable. By it detox effect, kombucha normalizes pH and stops (limits ?) the destruction of red blood cells.
* Gunter Frank quotes Alexander Solzhenitsyn in his semi-autobiographic novel Cancer Ward about how drinking kombucha cured his cancer. Yet he was suffering from stomach cancer with numerous metastases everywhere.
Again, I am only the messenger regarding kombucha and cancer, and I do not know personally what the information is worth. But in the event that it could be so valuable for sick people, I find it important to mention.

Anyway, kombucha is this little thing that will change your life because of all the health and vitality benefits. We drink every day. It is sparkling, refreshing in the summer (I keep the bottle in the fridge), invigorating winter (I kept at room temperature), and it really quenches thirst. I do not know any other drink besides water that quenches thirst really.
Eugenie and Takaya love it especially with their breakfast, for Mathurin it's more a dinner thing, and I like it in the morning when I am thirsty.

A big thank you to Boris who provided us with a "starter" last year.


* cf. Gunther Frank's Combucha, published by Ennsthaler

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